Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Woman Slips On Banana Peel, Falls Into Man's Arms

February 14th
New Mexico, United States

Lisa De Witt, an Arizona resident, slipped on a banana peel outside Gerald Moreno's apartment yesterday evening.

De Witt, 56, had driven interstate to attend a crisis meeting of Sathya Sai Baba's defenders, who are suffering a wave of onslaughts against their personal behavior and credibility. The accident happened as she was just about to walk in through Moreno's gateway, whereupon she slipped and lost her balance.

Unknown to her, Moreno was outside doing some gardening and had hid behind the fence in order to surprise her with a loud 'boo!'

He managed to catch her in his arms as she fell. Witnesses reported that they looked into each other's eyes and... fell in love.

The banana peel mysteriously vanished again, although it was last seen to have curled into a smiley shape.


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