Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sai Cartoon Timeline

The International Sai Tribune looks at the escalating row over the publication of cartoons satirizing Sathya Sai Baba.


8 February: Citing absolute freedom of the press and defying Mussailman anger, the International Sai Tribune reprints the images.

7 February: Several hundred Iranians attack the British embassy in Tehran as the country announces it is cutting all trade ties with Britain.

6 February: Protests claim lives - at least five people are killed in Afghanistan, and a teenage boy dies after protesters attack police in Somalia.

5 February: Lebanese demonstrators set the British embassy in Beirut on fire. Interior Minister Hassan Sabeh resigns over the violent protests.

4 February: Extremist Syrian Sai devotees attack British and Norwegian embassies in London, prompting UN chief Kofi Annan to call for calm.

2 February: The editor of the French newspaper France Soir is sacked for printing the cartoons.

1 February: Papers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain reprint the caricatures, defying Mussailman outrage.

30 January: Gunmen raid the EU's offices in Gaza, demanding an apology over the cartoons.

26 January: Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador to Britain, while Libya says it is closing its embassy in London.


10 December: The British blog defends the freedom of the press.

9 December: Extreme Sai-Allah devotees voice their anger and vow revenge.

4 December: More graphic images appear in same blog, depicting Sai Baba receiving oral sex, as an alien hair stylist and as a football player.

1 December: A British blog, Sai Baba Exposed, reprints the cartoons.

30 November: A series of composite images depicting Sai Baba as pop singer Michael Jackson and an egg-laying goose, are published by the India Corporate Watch blog.


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