Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sai Baba Cartoons Cause Carnage

Enraged by editorial cartoons morphing the face of religious leader Sathya Sai Baba with the crotch-grabbing body of Michael Jackson, radical anti-Jacko extremists burned Tribune offices in London, Denmark and Afghanistan.

Rioters carrying banners chanted "Death to the users and makers of Adobe PhotoShop™!!"

Protesters also burned effigies of SNN anchorman Reed Forrester, who had insulted the Saislamic fashion world by accidentally referring to Shirdi Osama's "turban" as a "turd bin."

Also during last night’s 13 O’Clock News broadcast, the controversial fake newsman flattened a glob of Silly Putty over a newspaper cartoon of Shirdi Osama and then stretched the terrorist cleric's inky likeness into funhouse mirror-like shapes while making silly voices.

Muslim and Christian pundits joined together in denouncing Forrester as an "idiot."

International Sai Tribune/SNN is under increasing pressure not to publish a cartoon titled "Muhammad the Menace," in which the face of boxing champ Muhammad Ali is superimposed onto the body of Dennis the Menace. Ali/Dennis is seen hollering at a policeman, "Listen up if you ever wanna see the infidel Mr. Wilson again!!"

President Bush this morning consulted the Wizard of Oz for guidance in a bold move to appeal for calm. Hagar the Horrible could not be reached for comment.


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