Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sai Baba's iPod fiasco

Puttaparthi, South India

Sathya Sai Baba got in a muddle when he tried to show off his new iPod.

The Baba was trying to show how cool he was as he showed off the music player in the ashram's Public Relations Office. But he blundered when he called American Pie singer Don McLean 'Dan'.

And then he seemed to get confused when he tried to explain how the iPod worked.

"I get the shuffle and then I shuffle the shuffle," he told confused reporters.

Asked by a local TV crew which artists he had stored in the gadget, he started reeling off names. "The Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin." Then he said: "Dan McLean... remember him?"

The interviewer asked: "Dan?" Mr Baba explained: "I mean Don McLean. American Pie. What a great song."

An ashram official commented: "This is just an instance of Swami displaying his 'forgetfulness' leela, since he has just come out of an underground pit after three days, which was a great miracle for world peace, didn't ya know? That was also a great leela. Such is the forgetfulness of Swami. Blessed be!"

Upon being asked why the Swami listens to materialistic music rather than spiritual bhajans, the official gave no comment as he was steeped in bliss due to intense contemplation of the Baba's latest leela.


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