Friday, January 06, 2006

Rush for 6/6/6 weddings

Puttaparthi, South India

Prashanthi Nilayam's Public Relations Office has been flooded with requests for wedding bookings for the 6th June 2006, 06/06/06.

Jolting the aged officials out of their continual snooze, all the couples who had been lining up since 3am two days ago in order to book their places and have their weddings sanctified by the local avatar.

The date of choice appears to have been selected for it's Biblical significance as the number '666' is believed to be the 'number of the Beast'.

So far, seventeen couples have been successful in their application. A beaming Rohit Thansevelu, 24, from Tamil Nadu, told us of his complete joy and happiness after having his booking confirmed. "I can't believe this has actually happened. I lined up because I saw a lot of other people lining up for God knows what, and next thing ya know, I'm getting married!"

A slight cause for concern arose when it was discovered that the date would fall on the 13th anniversary of the infamous murder incident, which took place on the 6th June 1993. A bewildered K. Lingeswaran sleepily scratched his head and muttered something about "satanic bastards" when I informed him of the signifiance of '666' and '13'.

After hearing that the next two couples in line planned to fix their wedding times at 6.06 am and pm respectively, Lingeswaran bared his teeth and barked "Get the %$*# out of here!!!"

Sai Baba was unavailable for comment as he was busy downloading the latest Bollywood songs to his iPod.


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