Sunday, March 21, 2004

Sarfaraz Shamsi sues National Enquirer

March 20, 2004
San Francisco, California

Sarfaraz Shamsi has filed suit in the 5th Circuit Court today against the parent organization of NESBE, The National Enquirer. The libel suit alleges that the Enquirer made a mockery of his guru and thereby committed acts of defamation of character. He is seeking damages in the amount of 20 million dollars.

Justice Rufus T. F. McBlarney pounded his gavel and called for order as the various spectators, many of them devotees of Sai Baba, filled his courtroom with shouts and jeers. He admonished the crowd, shouting, "I will not tolerate this type of behavior from Michael Jackson or Swami Shalami or Baba Reebop or Mr. Natural or anyone else for that matter! This is a court of law and you will conduct yourselves accordingly. If you can't do that, then you might find yourself chanting Sai Ram inside of a jail cell after you have been cited for contempt of court."

The Enquirer has filed a countersuit in a separate motion before Justice McBlarney. The suit alleges that Mr. Shamsi has used frivolous litigation to impugn the reputation of its journalistic integrity by twisting the truth, because the article in question that he alleges is libelous is a report about the political campaign of his guru and the dirty politics of his guru's opponents. The Enquirer further invoked the First Amendment right of freedom of the press, alleging that Mr. Shamsi has sought to abridge that right.

In a press conference, Shamsi told reporters, "I am a patriot and my guru is a patriot. This countersuit is bogus. It is the work of demoniac forces that would have the whole Bill of Rights undermined. It is the mental concoction of evil men and is meant to destroy the world. When my guru is elected president, and he WILL BE ELECTED PRESIDENT, this type of flim flam journalism in the name of a free press will be curtailed. We are going to Gujarat, and then to Bengal, and then on to Maharashtra and UP and Kerala and Orissa and Bihar and Assam and Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh! Heeyaah!"


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