Friday, March 19, 2004

Prashanti Nilayam announces Miss Hot Sai Sevak contest

Puttaparthi, South India
March 19, 2004

All around the world, hopeful Sai Baba devotees in female bodies have been lining up to become contestants in the Miss Hot Sai Sevak contest. Prashanti Nilayam released details only a few days after PETA India announced the winners of their 2003 "Hottest Vegetarian Alive" contest.

At his press conference, Prashanti public relations honcho K. Chakravarti, "True beauty is spiritual. We want people to know that by chanting Sai Ram and eating vibhuti, one becomes truly spiritual."

He further recalled that, "You can win more people to your side with pictures of kids, animals and pretty girls than with any other gimmick." He reminded those present of the great Prashanti coup when two beautiful Sai devotee girls wearing colorful saris and big smiles appeared on the cover of the April 1980 Life magazine. "It may have been the most positive publicity we ever got."

When asked about the possibility of entering a male contestant to compete with Bollywood idol Amitabh Bachchan, PETA's other winner, Chakravarti said there were indeed several qualified pretenders whom they intended to promote. Swami Riccardo and Balasai Baba were tops on the list, he said. "Their beauty is not so much physical," he added, "It is their spiritual potency and the mercy of Sai Baba that shines through every pore of their being that makes them credible competitors to Amitabh. Of course, they may have to stop wearing white clothes for a while. We are considering a wardrobe change."

When asked if the winner of Miss Hot Sai Sevak would be promoted to the Prashanti Council, Chakravarti answered that they had been seriously considering awarding the title to Phyliss Krystal, current candidate, by default. "After all, she too is spiritually beautiful. However, there are no prominent women devotees in the Sai Organization at the moment. We have not ruled out the importance of physical beauty as a criterion for membership. The Vedas do give some importance to this aspect of things. As a matter of fact, we've already been in touch with Yana."

Yana Gupta, winner of this years "Hottest Vegetarian Alive" contest, could not be reached for comment.