Saturday, March 20, 2004

Prashanti Council to purchase McDonalds

March 20, 2004

You might see Ronald McDonald with orange robe and afro hairstyles in the near future. The Prashanti Council plans to buy the beleagured fast food chain for a reported 3.2 billion dollars.

McDonalds stock has taken a beating of late and they have been forced to close over 150 restaurants world wide, due to lackluster sales. Plans are to take the golden arches currently in front of each location and invert them and fashion them into a Sarvadharma design.

In a stroke of revenge the new owners will not reveal whether or not there is actually real meat in any of the sandwiches, because McDonalds concealed the fact that beef flavoring was used in their french fries, for which they were sued by Hindu vegetarians for fraud. So many customers could be chomping on soy burgers thinking they are eating the sacred cow.

Sai Baba, CEO of the Prashanti Council, had nothing to comment except, "Very happy."


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