Friday, March 19, 2004

Lisa De Witt arrested for vandalism

March 19th, 2004
Palm Springs, California

Police arrested Lisa De Witt this morning after she allegedly vandalized the offices of the National Enquirer.

According to witnesses she rode up to the front door of the building on a motorcycle and dressed in a Wonder Woman costume and wearing a football helmet with the 49ers logo on it. She then proceeded to spray paint the word 'Perverts' in large lettters on the side of the building. When she tried to leave her motorcycle would not start, so she took off running down the road.

Police found her hiding in a tree and she was taken into custody.

The Enquirer declined to press charges as long as De Witt would agree to clean the graffiti off of the building. Justice Sid Hearty released De Witt on her own recognizance and ordered her to get a proper motorcycle helmet.


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