Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Lisa De Witt Wins Prashanti Council Internship

August 26, 2003
Los Angeles, CA

Looks like Lisa De Witt has landed her dream summer job, which should earn here some much needed spending money before starting her new stage career (our very own entertainment reporter broke exclusive scoop on that story today - kudos to her). She will have various responsibilities in her position as intern at the Prashanti Council headquarters.

She told us on the phone, "Doors have really opened up for me since my boob job. I'll be working under many high-ranking PC members and learning the ropes. Its all very exciting. I hope I don't blow it by showing up late for work or getting caught doing my nails on company time or talking on the phone with one of my boyfriends (especially not the married ones or even the students - whoops! There I go again with my big mouth!) or just being in general maya. This is just too important for my resume."