Saturday, August 16, 2003

Dr. Ruth Sex Workshops Sai Center

August 15, 2003
Atlanta, GA

The famous author and celebrity Dr. Ruth Westheimer put on a week-long 'Good Sex' workshop which was attended by hundreds of male and female Sai devotees. Dr. Ruth started off the seminar by having them go through books written by their spiritual guru and highlighting in yellow all words of a sexual nature, like ‘penis’ and ‘genitals’. When she was informed that Sai Baba rarely uses such words, she aternly scolded the attendees for being afraid to use such words with fear. She told our sex columnist, “They were all very attentive and inquisitive. All the young men dressed in white had so many questions about masturbation techniques, which is good to see."

"Most Americans do not want to admit how much they masturbate. I had to tell them that masturbation is, although an act of freedom, selfish, and that they should look into different ways of enhancing orgasms with partners, and then all their hands went up as they bombarded me with questions about how do to that.”

The workshop was so well received, that the devotees have booked Dr. Ruth for engagements around the world for the rest of the year and well into next year. They have even asked her to review their curriculum for sex education in their Bal Vikas schools.