Saturday, January 18, 2003

U.N. Weapons Inspectors to Visit Sai Centers

January 17, 2003

The United Nations inspectors are now widening their search for weapons of mass destruction beyond the commercial sites and presidential palaces in Iraq to all centers run by religious cults. They are particularly interested in bhajan centers run by the International Sai Organization, not only in Iraq, but worldwide.

Chief Inspector Hans Blix has said that out of all the cults he considers the Sai Organization to be particularly suspicious and dangerous. Sai Organization leaders have lodged a protest telling the inspectors to 'not lump us in' with all of the other religious cults. We are informed that yesterday, their document on cults was sent by registered delivery to the U.N. HeadQuarters in New York.

They also argue that weapons of mass destruction are sanctioned by Bharatiya scriptures for use by warriors who know the corerect mantras, and that any attempt to thwart their use by Sai devotees is nothing short of religious persecution. The Prashanti Council could not be reached for comment, but Abu Ali, president of the Baghdad Sai Center, reporters, "We have nothing to hide here. President Hussein comes to the Sunday bhajans but he checks his rifle at the door. He is actually very Bharathiya for a Muslim."