Friday, June 28, 2002

Sai Baba Man Sues Himself

San Francisco, California
June 27th, 2002

A local center president in the Sai Baba sect has filed a lawsuit with himself named as both the plaintiff and defendant in the Federal circuit court here yesterday. The suit alleges that he broke his vow not to eat meat, and is therefore entitled to punitive damages against himself for the pain and suffering he has caused to his congregation.

In a motion to dismiss by his defense attorney on the grounds that the lawsuit is frivolous, his prosecuting attorney argued that his client is actually two individuals by the tenets of his own faith; one is his 'soul' and the other is his 'ego'. He further argued that it was the ego that broke the vow and that the soul is not entitled to damages.

Justice Berk T. V. Noad has take the matter under advisement and will issue a ruling by the end of the next week, after he has had a chance to review the doctrines of the Sai sect.