Saturday, June 29, 2002

Congregation Sues Sai Baba President

San Francisco, California
June 28th, 2002

The congregation of a Sai Center here has filed a lawsuit against its president. The suit alleges that the president, Y.V. Rao, engineered an elaborate scheme to bilk the center out of funds by filing a lawsuit against himself over breaking a vow relating to his dietary conventions.

According to a spokesperson for the sect, S.L. Somasundaram, Rao, 54, has hired two attorneys, one to defend him and the other to sue him with the intention of getting them to invest a large portion of their legal fees in his new fast food restaurant. Neither of Rao's attorneys could be reached for comment. Somasundaram told local reporters in an interview this morning, "It is unbelievable that he would do this and with not one legal eagle, but two. I think he must be in double maya!"